Wishlist Wednesdays – Concealer

I really like my mineral powder foundation from Jane Iredale but sometimes I don’t want to wear something all over my face.  That’s when concealer comes in, because let me tell ya sometimes my under-eye dark circles are a force to be reckoned with.  My boyfriend will agree to this.  Just ask him.

I have traditionally used cream stick concealers in the past, but now that I know how awesome mineral powder is I might have a look into the world of powdered concealers too.  We will see.

On my wishlist this week:

W3LL People Narcissist Foundation and Concealer Stick $39

(image taken from http://www.freshfaced.ca)

RMS Un-Cover Up $36

(image taken from http://www.rmsbeauty.com

Jane Iredale Active Light Under-eye Concealer $30

(image taken from http://www.janeiredale.ca)

Have you tried any of these?  Which one would you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesdays – Concealer”

  1. I use the RMS concealer and absolutely LOVE IT. It’s a bit on the oily side when first applied but one you finish it with a powder it looks beautifully natural. I’ve also used a sample of the W3LL People foundation/concealer stick. It finishes very nicely but it does translate a little heavy-looking onto my face. I’m not the best at makeup application so I just might have applied it wrong but I will be giving it another try in the future.

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