Benecos Eyeshadow Review – So What

I love to play with makeup and eye shadows are definitely my favourite, although my general go-to is a pretty natural eye.  Benecos’ eye shadow in the colour ‘So What’ fits right in with that colour scheme!

This is a stunning natural taupe colour that is so much more pretty on than I expected.  The formula is quite silky and it has great staying power, especially after I’ve sprayed a little bit of toner on my face to set my makeup.  It doesn’t crease at all even after a long 12 hour work day in a very dry environment.  The only downside to this line is that Benecos has only a few eye shadows and the colours are all very neutral, matte, and similar.  I would have used this shadow as my go-to for everyday, but it seems to bring out a little dermatitis on my eye lids after having used it for a few days.  Shoot.  I’ll probably still use it on my lower lids, but sparingly.  I’d still reccomend this product, though.  Don’t base your judgement entirely on this, though, because my skin, especially around my eyes, is incredibly sensitive.

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