Garden Tour

I like the idea of home grown veggies, fruits and flowers, but when you’re renting it can be tough.  Keeping your plants in moveable pots and out of the ground make it easy if you are somewhat nomadic (like me) and haven’t settled down yet.  The place where I am living now has an absolutely fabulous spot for growing.  It is sheltered, and gets direct sun all day long.  I have never had this kind of success with a tomato plant!  Do you garden?  I’d like to see your pictures!

I have strawberries, hot house tomatoes, sweet long peppers, two varieties of parsley, purple basil, stevia, green basil, sage, lemon balm, thyme, a zuchinni that needs to get a move on, snap peas, green beans, butternut sqquash that also needs to get a move on, and then some flower boxes for colour.  There are a lot of pictures, so be fore-warned if you are on a mobile network…


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