Benecos Nail Polish Review – Vintage Red

I was very happy when my July/August True Beauty Box arrived and there was a vibrant, vegan, 5-free, red nail polish.  It couldn’t have come at a better time because I have a pin-up girl themed stagette to attend.  It is such a classic and classy colour, though, so I know that I will get good wear out of this product.  Thankfully they sent a full size!

Excuse my bony hand in the picture.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the lovely manicure pose pictures so many of you ladies are able to take.  The colour is a bright, candy apple red with great shine and punch.  The paint looked really thin on the brush, but two coats was enough to get a solid, opaque colour.  Staying power? Not as great as OPI which is only 3 free, but then for a 5 free nail polish I didn’t expect the moon.  That being said it lasted a few days before a chip appeared even with me being at work, which is rough on both my hands and nail polish.  All in all, I’m happy with it and will definitely wear it again.  I’ll be looking into more polishes by this company.  It’s great to see some vibrant colours in “natural” polishes!

$12 at


5 thoughts on “Benecos Nail Polish Review – Vintage Red”

  1. My first thought when I saw your photo was: oh what a beautiful hand! I’m not even joking. Red is such a classic color. I don’t bother wearing nail polish on my fingers as it chips all too easily the minute I start cooking. Maybe for a classic-looking pedi, though all summer I went with the prettiest shades of purple. Does RGB make a top coat? I am pretty sure it does. I wonder if that would help the chipping issue? Fab colors too! Xo

    1. Oh my! You are too kind to my gnarly hand, haha! I agree. Any kind of activity and nail polish seems to chip, especially the 5 free variety. I really want to try RGB polishes especially if they have a top coat. Hopefully soon. Which colours are your favourite?

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