Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

I stumbled upon an absolute delight today!  There’s a small pharmacy in a strip mall close to where I live that I pass almost every day on the way home and I decided to go in today and have a look.  I was super surprised that it wasn’t a traditional pharmacy at all and found all kinds of natural and organic personal care products and brands that no other store in my city carries.  I even found a few things I was planning to buy online because they didn’t have a retailer listed in my city.  I was so excited, I can’t even say!  (The entire John Masters Organics hair care line was in there too.  I’m super excited about that!)

I saw an ad for Eminence Organic Skin Care in one of the natural health magazines I subscribe to and wanted to try out some of their skin care line.  As luck would have it this gem of a store carries their entire line!

Of the 20 different masks that this store carried I narrowed it down to this one: the Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment.  If you saw my wish-list post you’ll know that I am looking into a detoxifying mask, goodness knows my skin would benefit from it.

Ingredients: Hungarian Herbal Mud, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Sage, Organic Willow, Organic Ivy, Organic Paprika, Organic Elder, Organic Horsetail Leaf, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Linden tea, Organic Red Rose Petal, Organic Walnut Leaf, Salicylic Acid, Extract of Achillea, Xanthan Gum, Vegetable Glyceride.

Taken straight from the company’s website:

Over the past years, Éminence has stepped up its green factor by enlisting wind and solar power energy in the making of products, using recyclable packaging, vegetable-based inks in printing, FSC certified post-consumer recycled paper and with our Beyond Organic line created with Biodynamic®farming practices. The company is committed to providing the best quality skin care while being environmentally responsible.  The ingredient farm in Hungary is powered by solar and wind energy, and geothermal heating is used in the laboratory. Both planting and harvesting are done by manual labor, which produces little to no carbon dioxide in comparison to traditional mechanical means, and only natural plant preservation techniques, such as honey traps, are used instead of harsh toxic chemical pesticides.  Once harvested, Éminence products are packaged in boxes made from post-consumer recycled material and plastic containers made of recycled, non-toxic plastic, both of which can be recycled at any local recycling depot. The wooden boxes are also made from post-consumer recycled material, and retail stands are crafted from renewable resources.  Even packing chips are made of corn and dissolve harmlessly under running hot water.  

Key Ingredients

Thermal Mud: contains high amounts of mineral trace elements and sulfur to nourish problem skin.  Sage: tones skin.  Willow: soothes skin, revitalizes appearance of skin, Ivy: high in vitamin C, antioxidant. Cinnamon: revitalizes the appearance of skin.  Paprika: invigorates and rejuvinates the look of skin.  


I tried this mask almost as soon as I got home. The spatula that was included was a nice touch because I don’t like trying to scoop out the products with my fingers, especially one this sticky.  It smells strongly of the spices blended in to the mud, but I don’t mind the scent.  It reminds me of some of the Tata Harper products I had samples of but spicy.  It dried fairly quickly on my face and definitely tightened up just as fast.  The most notable thing was the burning sensation.  It wasn’t tingling, it was definitely  burning.  It is recommended that you keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes and I can’t imagine going much longer than that.  The burning sensation decreased towards the 7 minute mark or so, but it definitely lasted a little while after the mask was washed off.  The package also warns that it may leave your skin red for a few hours afterwards.  For my fellow sensitive skin divas out there take this to heart.  My face was very red and you could clearly see the line where the mask was applied. 


It sounds like I’m giving this mask a negative review, but for the burning sensation and the red skin my skin felt fantastic afterwards and remarkably different the next day.  I couldn’t believe how much my skin’s texture improved in just one application!  And there was definitely a nice, healthy glow (once the redness had a chance to subside, of course) I will definitely repurchase this mask when it runs out.  I’m a huge fan!

I figure it will also make a good spot treatment for troublesome zits that pop up.  Especially when I’m trying new skin care samples.


$40 in select stores or $48 online at dermstore.com



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