Dr. Alkaitis Skin Care Review

I received a few small samples of Dr. Alkaitis skin care products when I ordered my full size exfoliating mask (review) and had the chance to try them out this week.  I want to emphasize how small the samples were: I didn’t get very many uses out of them so this review isn’t the greatest.  I even debated not posting it.  But I decided to go for it because of how strong my feelings were about one of the products I tried.  I tried each product one at a time, not changing anything else in my skin care routine to give them a fair try.

Up first is the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser.

I’m kind of on the fence about this one.  The cleanser is nice, smells delightfully feminine, and lathers well.  I didn’t find that it cleaned my face consistently, though.  I would use the same amount each day, and had the same amount of makeup and sunscreen on my face.  Some times it would clean everything off; some times it would leave a milky flim on my skin.  By the third wash, my skin was starting to get irritated and a little red.  It was fine, but nothing special.   Maybe I needed a better moisturizer than I usually use.  But that doesn’t seem like a good reason to me to switch to an expensive cleanser.  ($65 on amazon and at ecodivabeauty.ca)

Organic Herbal Toner

First off, Myrrh is just not a scent I enjoy and that’s all I could smell when I opened the little tube.  Aside from that, there are a lot of strong astrigents in this product and it was just way too drying for me.  My skin became so dry in just the five uses that I started to breakout.  I can see this working well for other skin types, but my sensitive, normal/balanced skin just couldn’t take it.  I’ll stick to my witch hazel and rose water spray toner.  ($60 on amazon and at ecodivabeauty.ca)

Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

This might by my splurge item.  Of all of the samples, this one has lasted the longest by far (I’ve been using it for about a week and I still have some) and has not made my skin grumpy.  If anything, I have noticed that my skin appears to be healthier and more even.  The scent is somewhat strong, but I like it.  It’s very herbal.  A little bit of this in the morning under my makeup makes my skin feel soft and hydrated all day, even in the bright sun, and doesn’t make me look oily in the slightest.  I haven’t found that it has caused any breakouts yet, but again it’s a little early to tell.  It is expensive, but I think I might splurge and go for the full size bottle on my next order from ecodivabeauty. ($85 for 4oz (eeek) on amazon and at ecodivabeauty.ca)

By the way, I can’t even imagine using this product as a body oil.  4oz isn’t exactly going to go a long way when it’s being used all over!

UPDATE: I received a few more samples on some subsequent orders so I wanted to tak them on to the end of this review.  I also received the Organic Soothing Gel, Organic Day Creme, Organic Night Creme and the Organic Eye Creme.

Organic Soothing Gel

Like I’ve mentioned before my skin is sensitive, so when I spend 12+ hours in the drying environment at work my skin can get quite inflamed.  This gel is marketed as an anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial tonic that is good for problematic skin conditions.  It smells nice and is a thicker formula so it applies easily but is it soothing? Heck no!  My skin burned the second I put it on.  Maybe this would be beneficial to someone with mild acne, but I can’t imagine the agony those with cycstic acne would endure!  Seriously.  Once the burning subsided I could see that my skin responded well enough and didn’t look quite so dry and dull.  It did give me a bit of dermatitis on my eye lids (which is usually where it sprouts up) but otherwise my skin was okay with it.  I probably won’t repurchase. ($64 at ecodivabeauty.ca)

Organic Day Creme

Can we call a spade a shovel here and drop the french finesse? It’s a face cream, not a creme. This cream is very lightweight, smells fresh and herbally and is absorbed well by my skin.  I’m currently giving Tata Harper’s moisturizer a try, but I could see myself switching to this one in the reasonably near future.  I just have to decide between it and the night cream… ($69 for 1oz at ecodivabeauty.ca)

Organic Night Creme

This cream smells AMAZING!  Definitely the best of the bunch.  It’s a warm, spicy, herbal scent that I find very soothing and relaxing.  Exactly what I’m looking for in a night cream….except I’d be using it as a day cream because I use my facial oil at night.  But whatever.  It also absorbs really well and leaves my skin feeling balanced and with a genuine glow.  With winter settling in now I see myself leaning more towards this product than the day cream, but we will see.  ($69 for 1oz at ecodivabeauty.ca)

Organic Eye Creme

Sadly my skin really hated this product.  My under eye area became red for days after just one application.  Knowing that my skin sometimes just needs time I gave it another go but things got worse.  Way worse.  Like dry, red and flakey worse.  Looks like a great product just not for me. ($64 for 0.5oz holy price inflated batman at ecodivabeauty.ca and amazon.ca)


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