Yarok Feed Your Ends Conditioner Review

Although I hope to someday be at the point where all I’ll need is a shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar rinse to be happy with my hair, for now I still feel like it needs a conditioner or some variety.  I’ve been using the John Master’s Organics Citrus and Neroli Detangler (review) for the last little while, but I was hoping to find something that wouldn’t be quite as expensive.  It works wonders, don’t get me wrong, but at $22 CAD for an 8oz bottle, the price is a little steep.  Especially when you have to spend more than $60 to get free shipping! But I digress…

While perusing my favourite natural beauty products website, EcoDivaBeauty, I came across a product by Yarok called Feed Your Ends.  It’s a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant that is 100% natural and certified vegan.  Can’t get much better than that!

Ingredients: Vitamin Water, Jobjoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Essential Oils of Rosemary and Litsea Cubeba.

The very first thing I noticed was the scent: it has a very pleasant rosemary/citrus scent that lasts on your hair all day.  Don’t worry, though; it’s subtle.  The first day I used it I couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt!  And it just kept on getting better and better each day!  I have just recently put highlights in my hair (at a wonderful solar powered eco-spa) so naturally I expected a little bit of dry-ness, but this gem arrived just in time and has totally saved the day, and my hair.  Even on my fine hair it didn’t weigh it down, and I really spritzed a lot of product onto my hair.  It really helped detangle my hair after the shampoo bar made it a rats nest.  It is $25 for an 8 oz bottle,  but the shipping is free and I figure that I will use significantly less of this product than I would have the John Masters conditioner. 

I am looking into making my own conditioner, though.  When I come up with a recipe I like I will be sure to post it.  But be fore-warned: I expect this process to take a while.


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