One Love Organics Samples Review

I received samples of three products from One Love Organics a while back and I’ve finally given them enough of a trial that I feel I can offer a decent review on them.  Even though the sample sizes looked itty bitty at the time, a little went a long way and I was surprised how long they lasted.  

The three products I tried were “Easy Does It”, “Morning Glory”, and “Skin Saviour”.

Up first: Easy Does It.

Easy Does It is a foaming cleanser that isn’t supposed to be drying on your skin as it naturally removes dirt while leaving the natural oils on your face.  All of the ingredients are clean and vegan but although all of the ingredients are plant based, there are definitely some potentially irritating ones and sadly, for my sensitive skin, even those were enough.  I didn’t break out or anything, but my skin became more and more red with each wash.  I’ve never had discoloration before like I experienced with this product.  It foamed nicely and my face felt clean and soft, but I didn’t like that I had to wear a significant amount of makeup to cover up the redness this cleanser induced.  A good product, just not for me.  ($29 for 8.8 floz at or

Morning Glory is a serum designed to de-puff and wake up your skin.  Pumped full of Raspberry, Lemon Balm and Sweet Mint extract this product does exactly what it says it will do.  I didn’t notice any decrease in fine lines or anything, but it definitely depuffed my tired eyes and brightened up my complexion overall.  However, I will not be purchasing this one in the full size.  It is very oily and even though I used only a small amount it made my face look greasy for hours afterwards.  Also, the scent is not to my taste.  ($48 for 1floz at or

And finally I’m going to talk about the Skin Saviour.  Where to start?!?  When I first researched what to do with this product I was wary of how many things it claimed to do; it is a hair tamer, illuminizer, makeup remover, moisturizer, pomade, primer for mineral powder and skin soother.  Holay! I tried it in so many different ways to try and test out their claims and I discovered that the old cliche is true: “jack of all trades, master of none.”  A hair tamer? Not so much.  It weighed my hair down a lot, and didn’t spread well.  It was very clumpy, even when I just tried to keep it to my ends.  As a pomade, it worked great in keeping my fly-aways in a side braid, but again it’s much too heavy to use as any other kind of styling agent, in my opinion. If illuminizer to you means extra shine on your face than this is the right product.  It remained oily for pretty much the entire day.  My skin was super moisturized, though.  Thankfully it didn’t clog my pores, but I feel that I was on the verge of a breakout when I stopped using this product.  My skin was definitely getting angry.  But that could have been because I was trying it as a makeup remover.  I really didn’t find that it rinsed well or removed makeup well at all.  I used this three times in succession and was still getting makeup off my face when all I had on it was a little blush and bronzer and some mascara!  My mineral foundation seemed to clump up and get stuck on this.  It definitely smoothed better over my clean skin with my usual facial oil than it did over the skin saviour.  And finally, I don’t really know how a skin soother is different than a moisturizer, so I can’t really speak to that point.  If I have some sunburn this summer maybe I’ll try it on that, but I feel like I’ll probably end up sticking to my aloe vera. ($68 for 3.5oz at or

UPDATE: I’ve been able to try a few more of the One Love Organics line, so here are my thoughts on the Neroli Body Serum, Love Springs Eternal, and Elizabeth Denn for One Love Organics’ Active Moisture Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, Vitamin C Serum, and Vitamin D Toner.

The Neroli Body Serum smells amazing, first off.  It is marketed as balanced, happy and energized and I couldn’t agree more.  The formula is quite thin and absorbs very quickly and leaves a very minimal sheen for a body oil.  The sample lasted me a while, but even in that short time my elbows, knees and feet went from dry and dull to touchably soft!  I can definitely see myself purchasing this as a full size product in the near future as I am in the market for a good body oil.  ($41 for 3oz at or

Love Springs Eternal is a potent anti-aging serum complete with rose oil and frankincense.  The warmth of the frankincense is offset nicely by the crispness of the fruit oils making for a very aromatherapeutic experience.  Did it work to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc? The sample was way too small to find out.  At $61 for less than one ounce I don’t think I’ll be finding out anytime soon. ($61 for 0.8oz at or

I wouldn’t agree that the Active Moisture Vitamin B Cleanser is a cream cleanser, but that’s what their website says.  As an oil based makeup remover, there isn’t anything like it.  It took everything off, and I do mean every bit of eye makeup, with one easy swipe!  It’s tropical island coconutty scent sets you up for sweet dreams of vacationing somewhere exotic.  I’m not exactly in the market for a new cleanser, but I am tempted to purchase a full size of this for it’s amazing ability of removing my diva makeup. ($40 for 4oz at or

I don’t know if it was just my sample or not, but the Active Moisture Vitamin C serum doesn’t smell nice at all.  It’s kind of like rotting orange peel.  The ingredients list is nothing spectacular, making this look just like any other face oil out there with a smidgen of vitamin C added towards the bottom of the list.  Is it worth $72 for less than an ounce? You be the judge.  Needless to say I will not be purchasing this product in the full size. ($72 for 0.8oz at and

The Vitamin D Moisture Mist was alright.  Like the vitamin C serum it was really nothing to write home about.  I feel like there are toners equal to this one that are significantly cheaper.  Sure, it has lots of antioxidant fighting power, but then so does just about every other “green” toner.  Besides, doesn’t it sound like they’re just jumping on the ‘vitamin-wagon’, so to speak.  Vitamin C serums are skyrocketing in popularity, so maybe vitamin D is the next big thing? ($41 for 2oz at and


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