Upcycled DIY Makeup Compact

I used to like the MAC pallates but MAC isn’t exactly ‘clean’.  When I gave away my MAC makeup I also gave away my lovely magnetic pallate.  Now they don’t sell the magnetic ones anymore, so I had to come up with plan B.  This is it.

I’m definitely not a super crafty person so if this DIY project is in my capacity it should work out great for everyone else.  I wanted to try out some Kjaer Weis products and although their packaging looks lovely, I was much happier paying half of the price for the refill packet.  But where to store them and all of my other magnetic cosmetic containers?  In a fun up-cycled mint tin!

What you will need:

1 small mint tin or metal pencil tin/case

1 paintbrush

1 pot of magnetic paint (I bought the Martha Stewart magnetic paint from my craft store for $5)

Clean out the tin really well, and let it dry.  Then paint three layers of magnetic paint on the bottom on the tin allowing each coat to dry for about an hour in between.  Voila! Pop your makeup in the tin and you’re good to go! 


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