Cheeky Cosmetics Eye Shadow Review

I was reading a few other natural beauty blogs and a few kept on mentioning this Canadian cosmetics company called Cheeky Cosmetics.  They are a mineral makeup company that carries all certified vegan cosmetics.  I liked that this company went as far as to get certified.  

I ordered a “quad” that was already paired on their website,, called Arabian Nights.  Hint: you have to look under their ‘kits’ section of their website to find the eyeshadow trios and quads.  They also have starter kits which include foundation, blush, three eye-shadows and a lip gloss all of which you get to customize when you purchase it.

Arabian Nights

This quad consists of the loose pigmented mineral shadows in the colours ‘silk’, ‘dreamer’, ‘mermaid’, and ‘midnight’.  I’ve swatched them in the same order.

Silk has a very subtle shimmer, and is a great base.  Dreamer is a pale lilac with a bit of shimmer.  Mermaid is a beautiful light teal with a bit of shimmer.  Midnight is a dark navy with a very slight sparkle.  I am super happy that I went for this quad as the colours are gorgeous and blend so well together.  All of the shades are highly pigmented and have a silky texture.  I have worn them all day and I haven’t noticed them creasing or falling out at all.  There was also very minimal fall-out when I applied them.

($51 as a quad or $14 individually)

They also have samples available on their website of all of their products.  I really appreciated that because, especially with eyeshadow and lipstick, the colours that show up on my iPad or computer screen can vary significantly from what they actually look like in real life.  Each eye shadow sample is $1.50.  I ordered a bunch and I’ve swatched them for you.

Wicked, Hottie, Coral Reef, Moroccan Sunset and Pink Champagne.  Wicked and Moroccan Sunset have a fair amount of sparkle while Hottie, Coral Reef and Pink Champagne are just a shimmer.

Fairy Tale, Frost, Platinum, Pebble and Mystique.  Fairytale, Frost and Platinum are shimmers while Pebble and Mystique are matte.

Ocean, Destiny, Denim, Starry Night, and Thunderstorm.  Ocean and Destiny are shimmers, Starry Night is sparkly, and Denim and Thunderstorm are matte.

Lilac, Magician, Sultry and Cocoa.  Lilac and Sultry are shimmers, Magician is sparkly, and Cocoa is matte.


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