Maroma Night Jasmine Perfume

I find it interesting that this perfume is named Night Jasmine when ylang ylang is the primary scent.  At least to me it is.  But that’s a very good thing, because it is my absolute favourite natural scent.  It’s just the right amount of sweet mixed with a floral fragrance.  I have had the opportunity in both Zanzibar and Costa Rica to smell the fresh flowers from this tree and this little bottle is the closest to that true, fresh scent that I have come across. 

I have tried a variety of brands essential oil of ylang ylang, but the scent always seems to be altered and not nearly as appealing.  The jasmine and rose are complimentary to the ylang ylang scent.  The staying power of this perfume is impressive without being overwhelming.  I can’t tell you how much it bothers me when it smells like someone has bathed in their perfume even if they only put in on in the morning (my sister is guilty of this).  I’m happy that you like your perfume, but if I’m on the opposite end of a crowded bus and I can still smell it maybe you’re a little perfume-application-happy.  Just sayin’. 

This company is known for putting people before production of mass quantities.  They employ in India and will only employ women of 18 years of age or older who have a grade 12 eduction, thus encouraging parents to leave their daughters in school longer.  They offer benefits and advancement programs to their employees and are members of the Fair Trade Forum of India, ensuring that their materials and production follows the fair trade guidelines.

I encourage those of you that are interested to check out their website at for their full range of products.  


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