The Shampoo Bar Trial Hits a Snag

I have a confession…I used a sodium lauryl sulphate shampoo on my hair. 

If you read my last post on the Chagrin Valley Olive and Babassu shampoo bar you’ll know that it was way too heavy for my fine, long hair and created a bit of a build-up.  By a bit of a build up, I mean a significant build up.  No amount of lathering, washing, scrubbing, baking soda and water rinses, apple cider vinegar and water rinses or even straight apple cider vinegar would remove the residue from my hair.  It was like I was going through that transition phase again, but thousands of times worse!  The length of my hair was completely covered in a gummy, waxy, awful residue and every wash, even with the Chagrin Valley Mud and Clay shampoo bar which is a clarifying bar, it got even more gross.  I also tried going back to the sea-buckthorn shampoo bar that was very stripping and drying.  No dice.  

So, after days of frustration and having the weight of my hair pull itself out from every up-do I tried and one tear-filled conversation with my boyfriend (I’ve told you: I’m an extreme diva about my hair) I hopped in the shower and reached for my Live Clean Pink Fire shampoo.  I felt extremely torn, wondering if this move was going to set me back and make me go through the transition phase all over again. Time will tell.

Depending on how the next few washes go, I may have a delay on the other shampoo bars.  I don’t want my potentially new transition period to affect a review of one of this company’s wonderful shampoo bar products.


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