Despite the name similarity I am in no way affiliated with this website.  But imagine my delight when I stumbled across it in search of a specific soapwalla product!  We definitely started off on the right foot!

In search of a new natural deodorant for my boyfriend I was pleased to find a distributor that shipped not only from Canada but from relatively close to where I live.  The whole experience with this company was a joy from start to finish.  It was founded by a mother and daughter team in their quest for luxurious, natural beauty that is sustainable and limits their carbon footprint.  A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to one of four charity/conservation projects which you get to select at the checkout.  

The four charities/conservation projects the company is supporting right now are: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ( which focuses on the impact of climate change on the oceans and the marine ecosystem; the Nature Conservancy ( which protects the Canadian wilderness; the International Fund for Animal Welfare ( which, obviously, supports the ethical treatment of animals and works on rescue projects; and the Global Fund for Women ( which promotes gender equality and social change all over the world.  I thought it was great that they donate to these foundations, but to let me choose which one to support with my purchase was a nice touch.  I know it seems like something a little silly to be writing about, but the email confirmations and shipping notifications were fun to read.  They were so peppy, energetic and enthusiastic!

My order arrived in this lovely glossy, black box (although I would have preferred it to be a matte finish or natural finish for waste management, I must admit it was quite classy).  When you open the box the products are wrapped in black tissue paper with a sticker on it addressed to you saying For: your name Love, Eco Diva.  Again, this company seems to be all about the fine details that make you feel very well cared for.  The black packing paper on the inside is classy as well, giving the whole package a feeling of luxury.  On the pink card they write “Here at Eco Diva Beauty, we are aware of the carbon footprint we are making by packaging and delivering your products to you.  But rest assured we will plant 17 trees for every ton of cardboard we ship.  We reduce, re-use, recycle as much as we possibly can.”  Does planting 17 trees negate the carbon footprint associated with shipping all of the products contained in one ton of cardboard?  I don’t know.  But I definitely can appreciate the effort.

The product I ordered is the soapwalla deodorant cream which, like I mentioned before, is for my boyfriend to try.  I will grill him on the details of it when he has given it a good trial and I’ll write a review of it then.  My initial impressions are quite positive: the smell is a gender neutral scent that is somewhere inbetween subtle and mild with top notes of lavender.  It may seem like a small amount in the pot (2 oz. for $16) but I feel that a very small amount will go a long way.  The formula is very much like a proper body butter and melts onto your skin and spreads quite easily.  

I also received three complimentary samples by One Love Organics.  I had to do some reading as to what exactly they were because there was nothing included on the products in the package, but I think I’m going to give at least two of the three a try.  The Skin Savior seems to be a jack-of-all-trades kind of product, which makes me both wary and intrigued at the same time.  I’ll also include a review of the samples when I have had a change to give them a fair trial.

I am very impressed with Eco Diva Beauty and I look forward to ordering more products from them.  Any company that is so bent on customer care and caring for the planet and everything that lives on it is a winner in my books!


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  1. Thank you for your kind comments! We are actually in the process now of implementing a more environmentally friendly shipping box. This is my little gem of a company and I am so pleased to share my passion for quality beauty products with like minded souls.

  2. It actually was SUPPOSED to be a matte box Heather, but the printing company messed up on 1000 boxes! Talk about “big” mistake. We couldn’t let them go to waste, but you can rest assured we have something better in the works!

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