Chagrin Valley Olive and Babassu Shampoo Bar Review

This post is a continuation of my other shampoo bar reviews from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve.  I have two other posts so far, and have a handful of other bars to review from this company.  I purchased a number of samples a while back and have been trying to give the different shampoo bars a fair and consistent 4-5 wash trial (note the use of the word ‘trying’).  Previously I would wash my hair every other day, but my impatience to try out some of these bars has pushed me to wash my hair a little more frequently than that.  Plus, I found that my hair responded better to a few of the bars when I washed my hair with it every day.  Or, in the case of some of the bars, I couldn’t bear washing my hair with it more than three times because it just wasn’t working for me.  

These bars just smell so heavenly … I may be becoming addicted to washing my hair….

The shampoo bar that I am reviewing this time is the Olive & Babassu Organic Shampoo Bar which, according to the company’s website ( is a moisturizing bar that will soften dry, damaged hair and will add shine, luster and manageability.  Of the bars that I have tried so far by Chagrin Valley this one most definitely has the most mild scent although it does come out more in the shower.  The thing that I noticed right away with this bar is the lather: it lathers almost as much as a standard sulphate shampoo! It spread easily throughout my hair and it was easy to tell when it was all rinsed out because it stopped sudsing.  

Sadly, that’s where the good review for this bar ends for me.  My hair is fine, long and there is a lot of it.  It is also a little dry because of the amount of processing I’ve put it through, but overall it has managed to stay fairly balanced.  The Olive and Babassu shampoo bar was just way too heavy for me.  My hair felt like I had put hand lotion through it.  Kind of icky.  There was no improvement after a few washes, in fact it got worse.  Way worse.  My hair was so heavy that it was pulling itself out of my hair tie when I was just sitting doing work at the computer.  

That being said, my boyfriend’s hair responded beautifully to this bar.  He has thick, wavy hair that’s about two inches long and his hair just soaked in the benefits of the babassu.  His hair was touchably soft and very shiny.  I even caught him running his hands through his hair a few times when he didn’t even realise it himself!  So, for those fine haired folk out there this bar is probably not an every day bar for you; it may serve as a good hair treatment, though.  But for those of you blessed with thicker hair, I’d definitely recommend giving this bar a try.  

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Babassu Oil, Water, Organic Virgin Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (used in the saponification process, none actually remains in the bar), Organic Castor Oil


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