Jane Iredale Makeup Review

My go-to make up brand for the last few years is Korres. For something I could purchase at Sephora, it is about as natural as I could get. I tried gabriel and zuzu, which are the only makeup brands carried by my health foods stores, and I was underwhelmed. Sure, I didn’t have the expectation that they would hold up as well as the chemical infused brands, but I also didn’t expect it to be either orange or gone by lunch time.  So, aside from talc being in most of their products, I found Korres to be the best brand for me. 

The spa that I go to carries Jane Iredale make up, and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. It’s just so expensive and they don’t have sample sizes to trial. Finally I worked up the nerve, and coughed up the money, and gave Jane Iredale make up a try.

Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder with SPF20

I’m usually a pressed powder kind of girl, but you get so much more powder for less money if you buy it loose so I decided to give it a whirl. The package is simple and, to be frank, looks like something my grandmother designed. The copper lid is quite ugly and looks quite dated. But, as my grandma would tell me, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. The mineral foundation is light, silky and blends like a dream! I am very lucky in the skin care department and don’t require a lot of coverage, but this definitely gives buildable coverage in the areas that I need without becoming cakey. It has great staying power on it’s own, but I find it stays even better with a little spray of water with essential oils. (I have a little spray bottle that I mix essential oils into. Jane Iredale has a hydration spray, but I’m happy with my alternative). There are a variety of shades all the way from pasty white (aka my current skin tone) to lovely, rich shades of olive, caramel and chocolate. I’m not sure yet if this is going to be my HG everday thing or not, but you definitely can’t go wrong with the ingredients list, coverage and staying power.  (~$50 at salons and spas and online at shop.janeiredale.com )

Pure Pressed Eye Shadow Trio

These eye shadows are great as trios. Generally the pallates are quite nice and complement each other well. I tried pretty much every colour my spa carried and I have to say That I found these to be somewhat hit-and-miss when it came to pigmentation; some of the colours are richly pigmented (even the light shades) and others, even if they look dark in the pot, go on chalky and require a lot of product to build it up to a similar shade.  So basically I’d recommend testing the colours whenever possible before purchasing. All of the colours apply very easily, again with that silky smooth texture and, in my experience so far, they don’t crease. I don’t notice a lot of fallout either, which is somewhat unusual for mineral eye shadows.  The packaging is, again, not to my taste and feels quite cheap. I guess I want more of the look and feel of MAC packaging without the nasty chemicals MAC includes in their make up.  (~$35 at salons and spas and online at shop.janeiredale.com)

Liquid Eye Liner

 I really like this liquid eyeliner. The brush is soft, thin, and long which makes the application easy even for inexperienced users. I tried the copper shade, and boy oh boy is it ever pigmented! I really like this product and the ingredients are clean so I don’t mind putting this product close to my eye. I pair this beauty with the 100%Pure black tea fruit pigmented mascara and I am very pleased with how it looks. It comes in a fairly decent range of colours and I will definitely be going back to purchase a few more. (~$30 at salons and spas and online at shop.janeiredale.com)