Natural Deodorants

The very idea of natural deodorants scared me for the longest time.  I don’t want to be “that guy” with the bad BO that no one has the heart to tell just because I love the environment.  When I branched out into natural deodorants I was beyond paranoid that my BO was going to be off the charts and I wouldn’t be able to stand it.  But I dove in anyways and thankfully I didn’t have to search for long before I found my HG.

The Green Beaver deodorant was my first choice because it’s Canadian, so therefore it was ‘home-grown’.  I find that their products are hit and miss and sadly this one was a miss for me.  I reached for this one first because of it’s similarities to my lady’s speed stick deodorant and had found it to be reasonably well reviewed.  The ingredients list is 100 natural or natrually derived and has nothing harsh or potentially harmful.  That’s where the good news ended, I’m afraid.  I had to apply it every 6 hours or so, even when I wasn’t doing any activity and with each application it got stickier and smelled just a little less pleasant.  I usually don’t have a ton of BO, and I could skip a day with my old deodorant without much issue, but this one almost seemed to GIVE me BO.  And it also caused my underarms to break out.  Say no to BO and pit acne and leave this product on the shelf.


I had given the Green Beaver deodorant over a week to start working it’s magic and things just went from bad to worse.  The top rated deodorant online and in numerous books is the Dr. Mist Body Hygiene Deodorant Spray.  I have never used a spray deodorant in my life, so I was somewhat hesitant to try this one right off the bat (hence the unfortunate dabble with the green beaver deodorant) but right away I was super impressed.  The ingredients list is delightfully simple: water, sodium chloride, calcium, and magnesium.  It dries fast and works like a charm to keep your pits smelling like…..nothing, really.  They do have a few naturally scented varieties but I stuck to the unscented one and I couldn’t be happier.  I spray it on right after my shower and I am good to go without issue for more than 24 hours.  It’s even held up through a full 90 mins of running around on the soccer pitch at the end of my day when I applied the deodorant first thing in the morning.  My boyfriend has also been giving it a go, and within days he went out and bought some of his own.   The most important thing I can say here, though, is to follow the instructions.  I didn’t have any issues simply spraying it on to my underarms, but the instructions clearly state to rub it in.  If my boyfriend doesn’t do this step the effects of the deoderant are significantly reduced.  However, spending 5 seconds rubbing it in is all it takes to keep it working like a charm all day long!  ($8 at health foods stores and online at


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