Jason Powersmile Review

This is a straight review post, so it’s not going to be full of info or anything, but I just wanted to share which natural toothpaste I have found over years of trial and error.  Jason Powersmile is by far the best natural toothpaste.

I’m not going to go into all of the other natural toothpastes I’ve tried because the list is too extensive.  Thankfully my health foods store at the time gave samples because sometimes just one brushing was all I could give a toothpaste because it tasted so much like pasty feet.  If you’ve ever tried a nasty natural toothpaste you’ll know what I mean.

The Ingredients:

Whitening Agents and Polishers: bamboo powder (bambusa arundinacea stem powder), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), silica and calcium carbonate

Anti-bacterial and sugar acid neutralizers: grapefruit seed extract and perilla seed extract

Breath Fresheners: peppermint oil, parsley (carum petroselinum extract)

Other Ingredients: glycerin (plant derived), sodium cocoyl glutamate (foaming agent to help move the product around in your mouth), aloe juice (soothing for mouth sores, gingevitis and as a natural filler), stevia rebaudiana extract (natural sweetener)

This toothpaste has as ‘normal’ a taste as any of the natural brands that I’ve tried.  So switching from Colgate or Crest to this one won’t be a super big surprise.  The texture was very similar to a ‘normal’ toothpaste as well.  I like that this toothpaste comes in both a fluoride and fluoride free option for those of you against the use of fluoride for enamel strengthening.  

The overall feeling of clean that this toothpaste delivers is phenomenal.  My mouth has never felt cleaner than when I use this toothpast and that includes pretty much every ‘normal’ toothpaste on the market.  Because there is no alcohol in the ingredients list I don’t find this one has that burning sensation that I used to experience with my ‘normal’ toothpaste.  Even my boyfriend, who was wholeheartedly against natural toothpaste, warmed up to this one very quickly.  I find that it is reasonably priced also compared to ‘normal’ whitening toothpastes.  It’s $3-6 at grocery stores, drug stores and health foods stores.  Not too shabby.


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