Hair Oil Treatments

The benefits of using a leave-in oil treatment on your hair are well known.  Although it is impossible to actually repair the damage to your hair completely, using an oil treatment will help protect the hair shaft and close down the shaft lessening the appearance of frizz and split ends.  Hair oil treatments are definitely a trend right now with some drug store brands, like Pantene or Garnier, picking up on the mass demand.  But not all hair oil treatments are created equal.  Be careful with drug store brands as they often contain alcohol or other ethanol ingredients which will actually dry out your hair in the long run.  What really surprised me was when I started looking into salon brands, such as MoroccanOil, and I saw just how many harmful ingredients were included in their products.  I guess I expected salon brands to be a bit more pure than that.  I was equally surprised when I looked at a few ‘natural’ products to find out just how many of them had unwanted/damaging ingredients.


This one was the first one I tried way back when before I started to learn more about the effects of the long list of ingredients in my every day products.  Oh my goodness did it shock me when I took a long hard look at the ingredients in this bottle.  First off, the packaging is a little extreme.  The bottle is far bigger than it needs to be and the glass sides are very thick to make the product volume appear to be bigger.  This huge bottle (about two inches wide, one inch deep and 5 inches tall only carries 100mL which means that you could carry it on to an airplane.  Think of how big that travel bottle is that carries 100mL and compare that to this monstrosity.  Good grief.  The first three ingredients in this product are silicone polymers.  Translation: these ingredients seal the hair cuticle giving it the illusion of being soft and frizz free so long as the product remains on the hair.  These will do very little to help protect the hair in the long run.  It is very much a ‘instant gratification’ kind of product.  ($43 for 100mL at most salons and online)

Argan Oil

Sadly I don’t have a picture of this one (sorry about that) but there are so many different brands that create pure argan oil you just have to make sure you read the ingredients.  This one actually does what hair oil treatments are supposed to do.  When I tried argan oil I found that I used significantly less than I required from MoroccanOil and saw much better long term results.  That being said it’s somewhat expensive (depending on the quality) and the nutty scent was a little much for me.  I work in an area where it is essential that all of our personal care products be virtually scent free so in the long term this one wasn’t going to work for me.  However, it did make my hair very happy, much more manageable and healthy looking.  Which is no small feat because I have been super ‘mean’ to my hair.  I’ve gone from super blonde, to various shades or red, purple, black, brown, you name it.  Hair is such a great accessory, haha.  ($40-60 for 50mL at healthfoods stores, some salons, and Sephora)

Rosehip Seed Oil

I was originally told to use this oil on my face, but I thought I’d give it a try on my hair seeing as you are supposed to be able to use argan oil interchangeably as well.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out how well this oil complimented my hair.  It is also a little on the expensive side (again, depending on quality) and I found that I had to use significantly more product to get the same effects as the argan oil.  The smell was much more subtle, however, which made this my go-to hair oil for a little while until I found what I use now.  A word of caution: read the ingredients carefully for this oil.  Sometimes it is augmented by fragrance to make it smell more like roses.  ($20-40 for 40mL at health foods stores)

North American Hemp Co. Deep Hair Treatment Oil

Hemp is somewhat of an abundant resource in North America with mainstream brands like The Body Shop and LUSH using it as a primary ingredient in it’s products.  It’s rich with the ‘buzz-word’ Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and is relatively cheap to process and leaves a relatively small carbon footprint.  This Deep Hair Treatment Oil has a combination of hemp, sunflower, sesame, coconut, olive and orange oil as well as ‘flavour’ but when I contacted the company they said the ‘flavour’ was a mixture of essential oils to help combat the strong scent of the hemp.  When I first bought this product I almost returned it.  I have long hair, so I was used to using about a quarter-sized amount thoughout my hair but using that much of this product made it look like I hadn’t showered in months.  Sooooo greasy.  Now, with a little trial and error, I have found the perfect amount for my hair and I will never go back to anything else.  ($15-20 for 142mL at health foods stores)


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